Cheering 2012

The SRL Cheering Competition is indispensable for secondary students before Sports Days.  This year, the Cheering Competition was held on March 10th in the school playground.

That morning, all secondary students gathered in the playground. Each level wore its own specially designed level shirt and prepared its own set of props.  All students were energized by other level performances as they readied themselves for their own cheering performance.  Each level tapped into their creativity and came up with unique formations, executed to perfection as they chanted their level cheer.  The most impressive formation that day was that of the Form 6 students who formed themselves into a large number “6” as well as the word “six,” spanning the entire playground.

After all the Cheering performances, students and teachers gathered at one end of the playground showing a victory sign while the photographer took a spectacular group photo from the second floor.  It was truly a unique way to end this meaningful activity.