School Facilities

Scientific understanding of the natural world is fundamental to the school's curriculum. All secondary students take full-year lab courses in Form 3 to Form 6. The upper forms science curriculum includes Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

This lab provides support to both G.C.E. O-Level and A-Level courses so that students have the opportunity to observe the essential features, and to verify the applicability of various assumptions, models and analysis methods.

Throughout the syllabus, practical investigation forms an integral part of the subject matter so as to foster the development of investigatory skills and to encourage their application in the understanding of fundamental biological concepts.

Besides the knowledge learnt in the classroom, our students have an opportunity to work in the lab to gain more hands-on experience. For ease of management and safety, all the Bunsen burners are centrally controlled. Chemicals are properly preserved in a separate room with round the clock air conditioning.