An Afternoon of Memories for Teachers, Youth and Graduates 2008

On the afternoon of Friday, April 11th, 2008, a series of special assemblies was held in the school hall. The afternoon began with the Teachers' Day Celebration. All teachers were invited to the hall. Words of gratitude and appreciation were expressed by the Students' Association President and Vice President, on behalf of the entire student body.

The teachers were then treated to a special presentation which consisted of a special slide show synchronized to a song entitled "You'll Be In Our Hearts." Tokens of appreciation were then handed out to the teachers and staff members. The brief but meaningful assembly headed off what was to be a memorable afternoon. The Primary classes then resumed their normal day's schedule while the secondary students celebrated Youth Day. They were treated to an hour-long vaudeville that included a traditional Chinese dance, a modern Latin dance, a Cosplay dance, instrumental renditions and a couple of songs. The atmosphere in the hall was electrified with excitement. The students were thrilled by the performances and could scarcely refrain from clapping all throughout. What a success it was!

Finally, the tone of the afternoon mellowed down with the Farewell assembly of the Form 6 Graduating Classes. The meaningful assembly consisted of re-enactments of scenes taken from the graduates' school life. An overall sense of appreciation and gratitude was reflected in every scene. Both the audience and the graduates themselves were touched by the final songs which embodied their commitment to live the school motto: to love through truth.Well done, girls!