Earth Day 2008 - SRL Renews Commitment to Environment

Once again, the students of SRL English Secondary renewed their commitment to environmental protection with the annual celebration of Earth Day, held on the 17th of March, 2008. This year, Geography students from Forms 3 to 6 were organized into groups. Each group was assigned to conduct a day-long workshop with an assigned class from Primary 1 to Form 2. The groups had to prepare an age-appropriate powerpoint presentation, learning games, an instructional activity and a commemorative poster and album.

The activity promoted cooperation and camaraderie with students of a different age group. While the workshops were going on, the upper form science and book-keeping classes went out for tree-planting. In the afternoon, the primary students had seed-planting at school while the secondary students had an Earth Day Commemorative Cap Design Competition.

The month of April was designated as Energy Conservation Month and a follow-up activity was also conducted by the Ecology Club of the school. Everyone was provided with a set of guidelines with which to help protect the environment through energy conservation. Practical methods, for home and school, were suggested and put into practice. It was truly inspiring to see the SRL youth actively engaged in environmental awareness programs.