Sports Day 2008

The Secondary Sports Day 2008 was held on the 10th of January, at the Polytechnic Institute of Macau. For the first time, students had a taste of what it was like to compete in such well-equipped surroundings. The day got off to an early 8:30 a.m. start, with the traditional Inter-level Cheering Competition. This year, however, judges were given a pleasant surprise as the different levels incorporated not only cheers, but cool and vibrant dance steps into their routines, spiced up by the uniformly coloured shirts donned by the different groups. Immediately after the cheering competition, the inter-class matches got underway, with all teams competing for the gold and silver medals in the various events that included basketball, badminton, table tennis and volleyball. All events scheduled for the morning ended without incident and students were let off for lunch.

The afternoon session commenced at 2:00 with two volleyball matches, followed by friendly matches between teachers and students. It was really a source of great fun to watch teachers and students playing so happily together, and giving their best, coloured with a spirit of camaraderie, seldom seen in the formal classroom environment. At the end of all the events, Sr. Judith gave a closing speech and congratulated everyone on their wonderful performance. Sister Judith also thrilled everyone with the news that, since this year's sports day was truly a success, the future Sports Days would be held in similar venues. Everyone welcomed the news enthusiastically. The afternoon session ended at about 4:30 p.m. Teachers and students alike left the stadium looking forward to the awarding ceremony which was scheduled to be held in the school hall the following Monday.

The Primary Sports Day was held in the school playground on the morning of Friday, the 11th of January. Students entertained the audience with their field demonstrations and then proceeded to their assigned areas for the inter-class games and matches. Though the sky was cloudy, the matches proceeded unimpeded and the morning ended with the awarding ceremony. The Primary 3 classes topped the field demonstration competition in the lower primary, with the Primary 1s coming second. The Primary 4 classes unsurprisingly bested the Primary 6s and the Primary 5s to come in first in the upper primary group. After the awarding ceremony, Sr. Judith shared a few personal insights on the events of the day and congratulated everyone for a job well done. It was a great day of fun and games for all.