Annual November School Trips Take A Welcome Twist 2008

Every year, in the month of November, usually set to coincide with the annual Grand Prix Races, the students of Santa Rose de Lima go on their annual picnics and school trips. This year, however, there was a new twist.

The Primary students were taken to the Sun Yat-sen Park for a half day picnic. The weather was fine and the students enjoyed themselves tremendously. Meanwhile, the students of Forms 1 to 5 were taken to China to visit a Museum of Modern Technology and a farm.

Students welcomed the break from normal class hours and made the most of every minute spent with teachers and friends. At the same time, the Form 6 students went on their Graduation trip to South Korea.

They eagerly explored the wonderful vistas offered, and, although temperatures had dropped to below freezing, still managed to squeeze such happy and enthusiastic smiles through their warmers and woolies.