Annual School Trips 2007 - A Learning ”Blast”

In anticipation of the roaring engines that zoom past the school building during the annual Macau Grand Prix in November, the students of SRL English Secondary, excitedly boarded the buses which were to transport them to their destinations for the school trips.

The Primary students were taken, in batches to the Park. In the bus, an endless supply of snacks began to emerge as the ever-jolly kids wasted not one moment to share their goodies with one another. Upon arriving at the park, the students picked their picnic spots, laid out their mats devised every possible means to make the most of the fresh air as well as the opportunity to mingle with their teachers in an environment outside of the classroom.

Lots of pictures were taken and peals of laughter resounded throughout the day. Smiling faces greeted friendly passers-by, evidence of young‘uns having a really good time. They returned to school early in the afternoon, tired but exhilarated and eager to share the details of the day with parents who were already at the gate ready to take them home.

The secondary students, on the other hand were taken to China to visit the Sunflower Park, the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Village and the Science Museum. Once again, the trip proved to be a worthwhile learning experience. Eager to accomplish worksheets which had been assigned by their teachers, the students toured the sites with a more observant eye.

They interviewed workers, estimated measurements, and took in as much detail as was possible while having fun at the same time. Cameras were used, not only to record happy-snaps, but to accumulate pictorial evidence to support their reports as well. The museums were eye-openers for most students who had, until then, only encountered certain concepts within the confines of their textbooks and PowerPoint presentations.

Overall, both trips raised the level of awareness of the students who came back to Macau realizing just how much they may have been taking for granted.