SRL Lunch Hours Fly By With New Activities 2006

Beginning in the second week of October, 2006, SRL students have the opportunity to engage in worthwhile activities during the otherwise ordinary lunch hour. Different educational activities are offered in the Hall from Monday to Friday, supervised by the executives of the Students' Association.

The activities include educational board games and movies. Primary students, who are by far the most devoted participants in the activities, have commented that the games are fun to play, besides being educational. They said that they had never played nor seen many of the games before.

The games and movies have given the primary students an opportunity to learn to cooperate and play harmoniously with one another. They have enjoyed exploring new games with new found friends from different levels. They have discovered, day by day, that there are better ways to spend the lunch hour break. Many of the executives have likewise enjoyed this rare chance to actually interact with their younger brothers and sisters.

“Playing these games, or watching a movie, is more fun than quickly gobbling up my food and going for a few covert runs through the corridors or playground,” commented one student.“It's certainly something I look forward to every day.”

Time flies when we're having fun!