New Challenges For Students In English Month 2006

 November, 2006 was ENGLISH MONTH! No, it was not a new month of the year. It was just a period of more or less 30 days within which students were encouraged to actively engage in English Language learning through competitions and activities.

To start off the special month, bulletin boards along the staircases were assigned to classes from Forms 3 to 6. These boards were to be used to display material on any topic relevant to English Language Learning. The boards were to be judged at some time during the month by a selected group of teachers and staff.

At the same time, students were also invited to participate in a slogan-writing competition. Eager students have already handed in their entries for the first week, thus making the winner selection process a rather challenging one. With the rest of the weeks fast approaching, students remain ever eager to try their hand at slogan-writing.

In the second week of November, the annual On-The-Spot Writing Competitions were held after school hours by the Literary and Photography Committee of the Students' Association. Students from P5 to F6 were invited to join in poetry, story and essay writing.

Classes were also conducting spelling contests and crossword-filling contests. An inter-level Oral-Reading Contest was also scheduled for the 2nd week of the month. Student representatives from each class were called out to read passages which they would only scan 3 minutes before their reading time on stage.

The Individual English Recitation Competitions were scheduled for the last week of the month. In this competition, students from P1 to F6 displayed their skill in dramatic interpretation of poems. Winners in this competition would then be sent as representatives to the Annual Inter-scholastic Recitation Competition in May, sponsored by the Chinese Education Department.

It was hoped that students' general English standard could be improved through these activities. With the predicted success of these activities, students eagerly anticipate newer, more challenging competitions planned for the following years.