Fun Fair Fun in 2006

Rosians, you' ve done it again! This year's fund-raising fun fair was a huge success!

Parents and their children turned up for the day-long event, eager to spend time together while helping to raise funds for the Caritas Foundation. Though we won't be participating in the annual Caritas Bazaar which will be held in Coloane this year, SRL students were eager to do their part in whatever way they could.

Students from Forms 1 to 6 designed educational and informative games which were also fun to play so parents and children learnt something in the process. The Lucky Draw prizes were attractive and absolutely affordable at 10 patacas a prize. The food this year was extraordinarily delectable! Most dishes were sold out well before the end of the fair.

Although preparation for the Fun Fair was hectic, student executives agreed that it was a worthwhile learning experience. Parents who were interviewed said that they enjoyed the atmosphere at the fun fair, specially since the playing areas had been relocated to the school hall and the covered playgrounds.

Once again, Rosians, congratulations on a job well done!