Talents Galore Wow SRL Audiences 2006

The 3rd of October was a big surprise for most Rosians. On that day, a special Talent Show was held in the hall. Performers, from both the Primary and Secondary classes, showed off their talents which ranged from Magic Acts and Playing the Piano to dramas and the SRL version of a string quartet. It was really amazing to discover that so many students had talents which, until that moment, they had kept hidden.

The audience was thrilled by the Primary performances, which, as always, proved to be very adorable. There were dance numbers, a taekwondo display, a magic act and of course, virtuosos. The secondary students awed audiences with a string quartet and a couple of lively dramas.

Funds raised for the day were donated to the Caritas Foundation. Students appreciated the opportunity to witness others sharing their talents to help raise funds for the less fortunate.