Respectful and Loving School Public Speaking Show

本校高三學生Selina Chan於上月18日參加由澳門演講家協會主辨的 “校園演講家之敬師愛生”演講大匯演。學生分享自己由中文學校轉到英文學校後,如何在老師的鼓勵下積極突破英語能力上的不足,最後甚至能以英文完成演講的成長過程。今年,雖然因為疫情關係,學生未能親身前往會場進行演講,但她仍以影片的方式訴說自己的故事,堅持為觀眾帶來正能量。

Selina Chan from Form 6AC1 participated a Speech Event hold by the Macau Speaker Association. She shared her experience on how to breakthrough the inability in English with the encouragement from the teachers when she transferred from the Chinese School to the English School in Form 1. This year, due to the Covid-19, student can only share her story through video, however, this cannot stop us from delivering the positive energy to all the audiences.