Read Aloud Competition

The Read Aloud Competition of the primary levels was held in early November. Contestants got a chance to discover the possibility of their voice, and read aloud the selected texts with proper intonation, pronunciation and confidence. Their performances were lively and intriguing! Everyone enjoyed listening to them.


The competition results are as follows:

Primary 1-2 levels:

1st prize: Doris Chim

2nd prize: Anastasia Pang

3rd prize: Fernandes Leong Ryleigh


Primary 3-4 levels:

1st prize: Fernandes Leong April

2nd prize: Jane Lei

3rd prize: Evy Cheong


Primary 5-6 levels:

1st prize: Andres Siegrid Rhapsodie Lo

2nd prize: Elsa Cheang

3rd prize: Ashlyn Mak


Congratulations to all the winners!