Bringing Families Together For A Worthy Cause 2005

Every year, in the month of November, the students of Santa Rosa de Lima English Secondary help to raise funds for the less fortunate people by participating in the annual Caritas Bazaar. For the past two years, however, we have been having a Fund-Raising Fun Fair at the school instead.We had the Fund-Raising Fun Fair on the 1st of October, 2005. The aim of the activity, apart from raising funds for the Caritas Foundation, was to provide an opportunity for students to share enjoyable moments with their family members while, at the same time, developing a deeper sense of social awareness and belongingness. The theme for this year's fair was "A BRIGHTER FUTURE."The Fun Fair was divided into a morning and afternoon session. Students from P1, P3, P5, F1, F3 and F5 were asked to come for the morning session, from 9:00 to 12:15, whereas students from the remaining levels were asked to be there from 2:30 to 5:15 in the afternoon. Game stalls provided different and interesting games which were designed and run by students from F1 to F6. The smiling faces of students and parents were proof of the success of the event.

Time passed very quickly and the Fun Fair soon came to an end. Decorations had to be taken down in preparation for the school day the coming Monday. Funds raised were donated to the Caritas Foundation. Despite the exhaustion that naturally accompanies such a big affair, students and teachers alike were gratified by the success at having brought families together for a worthy cause. We eagerly look forward to the next one.