Cultural Day 2012

The annual Cultural Day is one of the school’s most important yearly events.  This year, it was held on April 21st at the Grand Auditorium of the Macao Cultural Center. The event marked an important day in the lives of all who were involved because it offered them an exceptional chance to share the crux of their talents, achieved through months of arduous practice.

Some of the evening's performances included impressive instrumentals from the Brass Band, melodious renditions from the Hand Bell Choir, energy and enthusiasm from the Heini and Break Ice Dance Troupes, and harmonious songs performed by the school's Secondary and Primary Choirs. These amazing numbers stirred up a lot of excitement and brought the audience through a memorable night.

The event not only gave students the experience and joy of performing in front of an appreciative audience, but it also provided them with an opportunity to learn the essential skills of building up team spirit and dedication. The Cultural Night definitely made an indelible mark in every participant's memory of their campus life.