The Street Dance Club Won the Distinction Award in Macau Inter-School Dancing Competition

On 18th May, 2024, our Street Dance Club members from F1 to F3 participated in the 42th Macau Inter-School Dancing Competition held by the Education and Youth Development Bureau. The dance piece “Clothes and Soul”, which suggests students and teenagers to be more aware of the development of their inner-beauty, was honored the Distinction Award.


For the past few months, our Street Dance Club members had been practicing wholeheartedly for the competition in order to bring out the best performance. With students and teachers’ commitment and dedication, the choreography was beautifully executed on stage, leaving a great memory and creating a precious experience for both students and the teachers.


The Street Dance Club will keep on nurturing students’ talents in dancing and providing more opportunities for them to shine on stage.



Form 1: Iris Ip, Jodie Sin, Chloe Lam,

Form 2: Phoebe Ng, Chloe Tong, Ailey Lam, Angela Lin, Milla Mak, Kitty Ho

Form 3: Chloe Kuan, Celina Ng, Coda Lou, Renee Leong, Issa Wong

Tutors: Ms Gravi Chio, Ms Mira Chan