2024 Business Professionals of America (BPA) National Round (China) Achievements

We are thrilled to share the outstanding accomplishments of our students in the 2024 Business Professionals of America (BPA) National Round (China). Their commitment and perseverance have led them to achieve the Bronze medal in this esteemed competition. Join us in celebrating their success and hearing their reflections.

< A Journey of Growth, Connection, and Success>

I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in a national competition and for my school and teachers' unwavering support and assistance in refining and enhancing our presentation slides. Throughout the competition, I interacted with exceptional students, which broadened my horizons and gave me fresh perspectives. The lectures and insights professors and judges shared were inspiring and motivating. Regardless of the outcome, I have gained valuable experiences and knowledge.

Moreover, this competition has provided me with a beautiful opportunity to connect and build friendships with individuals from different regions, expanding my social circle and enabling me to learn new things. However, the registration process was complicated as it involved using the system in Mainland China, which caused some confusion. Overall, this trip was unique and memorable. We gave our best efforts and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


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< A Journey Beyond Borders>

This trip to Qingdao marked my first time participating in an international competition and leaving Macau to attend a global event. It was an adventure unlike any other, a voyage into unknown lands. The trip was eye-opening and inspirational, although there were moments when it was exhausting and nerve-wracking, like when I could not find my name in the hotel's system or lost my words during the presentation. Witnessing other students' innovative ideas and aspirations throughout the tournament was truly motivating. Overall, this unforgettable journey has been an incredible experience I will cherish forever.


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< Expanding Horizons and Embracing Growth>

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to participate in the SKT-BPA National Round in Qingdao. In one segment of the competition, the Business Simulation, we were tasked with building and managing a hotel, overseeing aspects such as finance, resources, and promotion. Through this experience, I have realised the significance of expanding my knowledge and broadening my perspectives across various subjects and categories among talented teams from all over China. I understand that continuous hard work is critical to distinguishing myself in the future. This competition has been a truly transformative experience, prompting deep self-reflection. With the supportive presence of my teammates and teachers in the unfamiliar city, I am genuinely grateful for the valuable lessons and personal growth it has brought me, and it will forever hold a treasured place in my secondary school life.


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< Unforgettable Journey>

I am grateful for the chance to represent our school in a national business case competition, BPA, and sincerely appreciate the unwavering support and guidance our school and teachers provided throughout this journey. Participating in this competition in the final year of my school life has made it an unforgettable experience, allowing me to apply the knowledge I have acquired to real-life situations. I hope that more students from our school will have the opportunity to participate in various commerce-related competitions in the future, both locally and internationally. This will enable them to showcase their talents and abilities and broaden their horizons.


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