Called to Love

On the 18th December, all teachers, staff members and students were excited for their first Christmas gathering after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Christmas liturgy was started with a beautiful Christmas hymn sung by the students’ choir. Then, the Advent candle for the 4th week was lit. Through the readings and prayers of faithful, students reminded us of the meaning of Jesus Christ’s birth. That is to share love among us. We should not forget the Offertory Dance of the little angels led by Ms. Teresa in the liturgy.

After that, we had the mini-game and shared the experience of being loved or showing love to others, and how we completed the Advent missions this year.

With the help of Ms. Inger, our P5 students sent us the Christmas blessings through their handbell performance. After the performance, all of us were excited about the “One for you – One for me” lucky draw. Last but not least, with the lyrics composed by Ms. Shelley Grace, our teachers made an incredible performance of the song “12 Days Rudolph”. We concluded our Christmas gathering with the blessings of Fr. Rafael and warm words of encouragement from our school supervisor, Ms. Annie Liu.