2023 Macau Science Popularization Short Video Competition Awarding Ceremony

Congratulations to our outstanding students, Ariel Mak and Sophia Sou, on receiving the Merit Award in the Junior Secondary Division of the "2023 Macau Science Popularization Short Video Competition " (2023全澳中學生科普微視頻比賽) organized by the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM).


Their winning entry was a captivating short video introducing the fascinating concept of the "Lotus Effect". The Lotus Effect is a phenomenon inspired by the unique characteristics of lotus leaves, which have the remarkable ability to repel water and self-clean. Ariel and Sophia's video beautifully explained how this natural phenomenon can be applied to various fields, such as material science and engineering, with potential applications in self-cleaning surfaces, water conservation, and more.


Once again, congratulations to Ariel Mak and Sophia Sou for their remarkable achievement! Your dedication, passion, and commitment to scientific exploration, specifically in introducing the Lotus Effect, are truly commendable.