NOVELTY ORIGINALITY CREATIVITY Competition (Macau regional selection)

We are thrilled to announce the success of our students who participated in the NOVELTY ORIGINALITY CREATIVITY Competition (Macau regional selection), organized by the Education and Youth Development Bureau. This competition aimed to encourage students to showcase their creativity and originality in various fields.


We are proud to share that our students have achieved remarkable results in this competition. In the junior secondary category, Alvina Leong Weng Tong (F3P) has won the 2nd Runner-up position in the Coding Creative Programming Event (創意編程項目). In the senior secondary category, Queenie Yung Chi Kuan (F4AC2) has won the 1st Runner-up position in the Virtual Simulation Robot Event (虛擬仿真機器人項目). Their remarkable achievement is a testament to their logical thinking and programming skill.