Awarding Ceremony for the 2021-2022 “Junior Anti-Crime Pioneer Seed Project”

Throughout the years, our students have been actively participating in activities organised by the Judiciary Police, including visits, seminars, and talks. Through these activities, our students have developed a great sense of justice and they uphold positive moral values. They are all enthusiastic to provide help to those who are in need. Since 2013, our school has participated in the “Junior Anti-Crime Pioneer Seed Project”. Our students have gained valuable experiences and achievements from the activities and training organised by the Judiciary Police.


We are delighted to announce the outstanding results of our students. Grassia Lau (F6AC2) and Katherine Chan (F4S) are awarded the certificates of excellence leadership. Shirley Chui (F4AC2), Abby Tou (F5S) and Angie Tou (F4S) are awarded the certificates of excellence performance. Grassia Lau (F6AC2), Katherine Chan (F4S) and Abby Tou (F5S) are awarded the certificates of being crime prevention volunteers.


We also have students awarded certificates for actively participating in a variety of voluntary work organised by the Judiciary Police for more than 30 hours. The awardees are Harmony Lo (F4AC2), Shirley Chui (F4AC2), Charlie Chui (F4AC1), Liliana Fatima Fao Da Luz (F4S), Bobo Ho (F3F), Ashley Hoi (F5AC1), Gala Ao (F5S), Suri Leong (F6S) and Yoko Mok (F5AC2).


Once again, congratulations to our students for their well-earned success!