Spring Heralds SRL Earth Awareness 2007

After the Chinese New Year holidays, the students at the SRL English Secondary once again geared up for another momentous event: The Earth Day Celebration.

The Earth Day Celebration was held on the 23rd of March, 2007.  It was the first time that such an activity was held at the school. Educational games were designed by the Geography studens from Forms 2 to 6 and all other students were given a few hours in the morning to participate in the games.

Movies and informational videos were also shown to enhance the need for students' awareness of environmental protection and conservation.  Form 2 students taught their Primary 4 brothers and sisters how to recycle paper.  Plants and seeds were given as prizes to the winners of the different games.  The winners were then encouraged to take care of the plants and seeds so as to help cultivate a greener environment.

In the afternoon, an Earth Day Concert was held.  The winning entries in the various competitions were presented.  The competitions included Slogan-writing, Poetry-writing, Poster-Design, Sculpture Design and Song-writing.   The Band OnceTeenOnes was invited to perform at the concert and to accompany the winning compositions.

Powerpoint presentations were prepared to help students visualize the unseen impact of climate change.   The overall atmosphere was described by students as very high and enlightening.  Truly, it was another day to remember. It was hoped that the event had encouraged every student to make every day an earth day.